Q: How deep can I send my camera?

A: All cameras have a different depth rating. You should always refer to your cameras instructions to check the cameras maximum depth rating and not exceed this. IMPORTANT: You should always check the cameras waterproof housing seals for sand, dust or wear and tear before using. Clean seals or replace if damaged before using in water.

Q: What if my camera gets snagged or stuck underwater?

A: We have developed the Fisherman’s Eye to work around this problem, although you can never be completely sure that you will never lose your camera you can significantly reduce the risk by following some simple steps on our instructional video.

Q:  What if a shark or large fish bites the camera?

A: This would always remain a possibility and could result in the loss of your camera and camera mount. We advise not to use your camera in areas known with high populations of sharks.

Q: How do I control the direction of the camera?

A: The Fisherman’s Eye uses the unique high density EPS float that attaches to your camera as a way of keeping the camera buoyant under water, while you also attach a sinker to the bottom of the line to create weight.

We recommend to drift with the wind or drive very slowly over the area of interest to be videoed, while keeping the sinker off the bottom to restrict excess movement of the camera. The camera will face away from the direction of the vessels movement.

Q: How long can I video record for?  

A: This will depend on the size of your memory card and battery life. Please refer to your cameras instructions for more info about this.

Q: Can I use the Go Pro Floaty Backdoor Float with my Fisherman’s Eye Camera Mount?

A: No, the Go Pro Floaty Back Door Float is made to suit surfing or activities on the water surface.  For your camera to maintain buoyancy at depths greater than 10 meters you will need to attach the Fisherman’s Eye EPS Float provided. This float has the correct density of foam to withstand the atmospheric pressure changes that will be experienced at different depths.

Q: What happens if I send my camera down without a float?

A: You will not obtain very good footage, and you will increase the risk of losing your camera if your line breaks.

Q: What if I need to take the float off of the camera? Can I re-use it?

A: You can re-use the float, we suggest you twist the float and camera diagonal directions opposite to each other first, then try to roll the tape off of the float with your thumb. Once you have done this you can purchase some more high strength double sided tape from your local hardware provider.

Q: If my line breaks and I lose my camera, how long should it take to return to the surface?

A: We have done tests that have shown the camera to return to the surface from 40 meters deep in 2 minutes.