Your Eye For Discovery

Imagine viewing your favourite fishing spots and seeing for yourself what is
really under the water. What is it that attracts fish of all different species to this area? Is it coral, rocks or weed? What other marine creatures live down there? Crayfish, Squid, Octopus? You may discover other species of fish that you didn’t realise habitat these grounds.

That really is how exciting it is to send your waterproof action camera down to the bottom of the ocean and film while you are fishing. We have put a lot of research into ensuring that the buoyancy float that we have produced reduces the possibility of losing your camera. We have developed the simplest method for sending a camera into the ocean depths, and by using today’s modern technology you can Bluetooth your video to your Smart Phone and view within minutes.

Imagine sending your camera into the ocean for 5 minutes, then watching your video while you are still on the boat to see what fish are around. Think about how much time you can now save finding fish by being able to see exactly what is under the water where ever you decide to stop and drop a line.

You can now study fish feeding behaviour, why some days they feed hard and some days they don’t seem to bite at all.

While using the Fisherman’s Eye we have filmed fish that would normally strike hard at fresh bait, virtually pick at the bait with no intention of swallowing the bait. Now you too can learn more about fish behaviour and improve your chances of catching fish.


Using the Fisherman’s Eye Fishing Line Camera Mount will help you to find the best dive sites and save valuable dive time being wasted.

Most divers have experienced the feeling of disappointment when getting to the bottom of the dive site and finding out that the ground is a lot less exciting than they first thought.

Now you can view within minutes the chosen dive site, and make a decision on whether to gear up and dive or keep exploring to find a better area.

Many dive boat operators have driven their vessel over areas that may be of interest, but have still never dived those sites because they might be disappointed with what the site is. Just imagine that small lump is actually an old relic from the past that is yet to be discovered.

As divers discovered off Sydney Harbour a few years back when divers found a Japanese Mini Sub missing since World War 2.