The Fisherman’s Eye fishing line camera mount is a simple, yet affective and affordable way of getting your waterproof  GoPro Action Camera down to your favourite fishing sites to better understand the structure that makes up these grounds and the species of marine life that inhabit these areas.

The FisherScreenshot (12)man’s Eye Camera Mount is perfect for exploring new ground while helping any Fisherman better understand and read their Echo Sounder / Fish Finder.

Unless you have extensive dive experience most of us can only imagine what is really underwater at depths between 10 – 60meters.

With the dramatic changes of ocean waters all around the world, now you can explore some of the variations in your area. By using a Fisherman’s Eye Camera Mount, GoPro Camera and the GoPro app with your Smart Phone you can see your footage within minutes of filming. You can be miles out to sea, drop your camera down for a few short minutes, then retrieve it and  by using the Bluetooth on your Camera and your GoPro App on your Smart Phone you can be viewing the ground directly below your boat within seconds. Imagine the benefits of this! For example; you could be sitting above a large school of fish but be using the wrong rigs or bait.

The Fisherman’s Eye Camera Mount has been developed for ease of use, but more specifically designed to help reduce the chance of losing your Camera. We have developed a float to attach to your camera, to keep your Camera buoyant at depths of up to 60 meters. We found using a high density foam was the best material that would withstand the increase in atmospheric pressures that are experienced with sending any device containing air underwater. We have conducted extensive testing here in Western Australia.

By following our simple instructions which are included inside the package with the Fisherman’s Eye Camera Mount and Float or on our website you can be confidently using your action Camera and camera mount to better understand your fishing grounds.

By dropping a camera for just a few minutes on new ground, you can determine whether to continue to fish this area, and what to identify this mark with on your plotter / GPS. In Perth, WA we have a lot of limestone, and some great species of weed and coral, but identifying this on a sounder can be difficult. By using a GoPro Camera and a Fisherman’s Eye Mount you can determine within minutes the exact type of ground you are on.


  • Descend camera on its own to identify ground.
  • Descend camera above a burley cage to get amazing footage of different fish.      product-photo
  • Descend camera to find crayfish, lobster, crab grounds.
  • Identify schools of fish on your sounder.
  • Become more knowledgeable about sounder readings and what the different colours mean.
  • Learn more about fish feeding behaviours and feed times.
  • Learn more about what baits work.
  • Are the fish there and not biting? Now you will know!
  • Descend the camera to identify dive ground before you gear up. Save valuable dive time and wasting tank air.
  • Find wrecks to dive on.

Attach your gopro camera to your fishing line

The Fisherman’s Eye is an easy to use Fishing Line Camera Mount that will have you exploring your favourite fishing spots in next to no time.

  • Tie off point allows you to adjust the camera up or down the line with ease.
  • Camera can be positioned at different angles.
  • Unique high density EPS float helps the camera maintain its buoyancy by withstanding the increased atmospheric pressure changes to achieve the best possible underwater footage.
  • Use the cameras Bluetooth connectivity option with your Smart Phone to view your underwater footage within minutes.
  • View our videos page to watch more detailed instructional videos to learn how to use this product to its greatest potential.